Meet the Team

Mr. Niall

Niall is an experienced class teacher of 9 years with a comprehensive history of working in the education industry both in the UK and UAE. He is a strong information technology professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Educational Leadership from Middlesex University, Dubai.

Niall has a rich experience in observing lessons across all school levels having completed 7 years teaching in the international education system and with further experience of working in the independent school sector in the United Kingdom.

Fairview International school greatly appeals to Niall because of its commitment to promoting educational, recreational, cultural and social programmes for children within an international community. He believes this mirrors his own teaching philosophy which is based upon mutual respect, ambition, challenge and positive mindset. As an educational practitioner, Niall’s teaching is focused on creativity, responsibility and developing global citizens who are prepared to make positive contributions to their community.

Ms. Claire

Claire is joining us after 9 years of working at Independent Preparatory schools in Dubai. Claire is a graduate from Napier University in Edinburgh before completing a PGCE in Primary Education at Strathclyde University in Glasgow to then move to Dubai in 2010 when her passion for teaching in an International setting began.

While working at the British Independent School, Claire was an integral part in the formation of the Junior School which accelerated her responsibility, leadership skills and enhancing professional development where the focus moved from classroom to the whole school. As a founding member of staff at her current IB school, Claire has developed the same passion for learning as Fairview through the inquiry cycle while developing student’s international mindedness.

Claire is enthused by the community approach Fairview is bringing to Bridge of Allan as well as the emphasis on parental involvement alongside working with their international peers and the global community with our sister schools. 

Mrs. Kirsty

Kirsty has been working internationally for 8 years. Initially studying History of Art and French at Aberdeen University, Kirsty seized the opportunity to work internationally for the British Council in Paris and then made the larger step into The British School of Beijing where formal training as a teacher took place.


With her experience in leading independent schools, this has provided a first-rate experience in world class education which has shaped her teaching philosophy and practice. Kirsty prides herself on being aware of the importance of inter-disciplinary and internationally-minded learning and teaching a curriculum that develops skills and provides challenges that allow children to problem solve.


Kirsty believes that international schools provide a unique and important environment for young minds to develop and grow and that is why her position within Fairview will bring together the opportunity to share, understand and accept different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs to help develop children who are ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century.

Ms. Kate

Kate was born and raised in a small, island community where her passion for teaching developed through voluntary work, placements in schools and a genuine excitement to work with young people. The teaching journey continued in Edinburgh and put into practice in the UAE where Kate has stayed for the past 6 years.

Here Kate has gained experience and adapted well to being part of 4 international schools in Dubai all teaching a variety of curriculum's, including IB. Since beginning to teach internationally, she has always been passionate about working in an IB school. Kate believes the founding principles of creativity, responsibility and developing global citizen’s link closely to the principals of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence which she has valued since her time in University.  

Kate is keen to make a transition back to Scotland whilst continuing her career in an international setting. She believes Fairview’s  vision and ethos of lifelong learning, rich academia and community all set within an inquiry led, transdisciplinary curriculum closely align with her own values, teaching holistically to facilitate personalised, meaningful, learning experiences.

Mr. Jonny

Jonathan has a degree in Ancient History which he acquired at Reading University. Inspired by this, he embarked upon a trip around the world, where he fell into tutoring and found his passion for teaching. He returned to the UK where he undertook a Post-Graduate degree in education from Roehampton University, London and spent next 2 years living and working with a culturally diverse student body which inspired him to teach internationally. For the last four years he has taught in Beijing, China and Mexico City, Mexico.

Jonathan believes and understands that “every child learns in a different way and on a different day” because during his first 2 years of training he was fortunate to spend time working alongside one of the lead writers of Development Matters. Jonathan feels this gives him a great insight into the structure and content of an educational curriculum and supports his implementation of lessons plans making him a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher.


 Jonathan believes that for the future developing a holistic, well rounded, balanced child is essential in the modern world and like Fairview, he believes that after school activities and team sports are an integral part of this.

Ms. Munira

As an educator for 8 years, Munira joined Fairview International School, Kuala Lumpur back in 2014 coming from Modern Montessori International School in Bangkok, Thailand. It was here Munira found great satisfaction in teaching young people.


Progressing quickly within Fairview from the PYP (Primary Years Program) Home Room teacher, to Team Leader and now Head of EYP (Early Years Programme), Munira has evolved within the IB World School structure. Not only has she been able to coordinate and execute the curriculum but has progressed in understanding and adapting the framework to ensure each pupil has the knowledge and understanding to progress effectively with inquiry-based learning throughout the IB EYP and PYP years. Munira believes greatly in always growing as a person and is very proud to have chosen a path in education that helps others achieve and progress through life.


Munira hopes to bring to Fairview Bridge of Allan a positive outlook, to share with us how beautiful the world is and discuss how many things we are still to discover! Munira is ready and willing to contribute to not only to the school’s growth and success but to make sure the school becomes a happy, joyful and memorable experience for our children, parents and wider Fairview community.

Ms. Lusina

Liu Lu comes to us from Fairview International School, Kuala Lumpur. Since graduating from The Ocean University of China, Liu Lu has worked at Fairview for over 3 years as an enthusiastic and caring Mandarin teacher.


During her time with Fairview, Liu Lu has become proficient in the IB in both curriculum planning and conducting inquiry-based Mandarin classes across all PYP (Primary Years Programme) and MYP (Middle Years Programme) years. The ability to adapt language learning to the needs of different –level and different-type of learners has required Liu Lu to work on a collaborative basis with pupils, colleagues and the wider school community to generate suitable frameworks, lesson plans and assessment designs in line with the IB framework. Liu Lu takes her position as an educator very seriously as she is aware that it has the power to bring change to a person’s life and help shape their future.


With her Chinese heritage, Liu Lu takes pride in sharing this with Fairview pupils by coordinating events such as Chinese New Year Celebrations and Mandarin Singing Competitions to promote the use of language in the school. Liu Lu is looking forward to continuing with her Fairview journey in education, getting to know different people with unique cultural backgrounds, life experiences and personalities all at our new campus here in Bridge of Allan.