Our Curriculum

At Fairview International School, we encourage our pupils to become inquisitive, to develop their communication skills, to become knowledgeable, principled, open-minded, balanced and reflective human beings.


We challenge rote learning status quo and encourage our children to question rather than to accept, to think beyond the syllabus, to become risk-takers and to find a passion for their study. We help them understand how they learn, to be truly invested and take responsibility for their own learning to become independent learners.


By recognising our pupils as individuals, each with their own set of talents, ambitions and hopes for the future, our role at Fairview is to help unlock their true potential. We believe that when our children enjoy learning, they learn to think for themselves and therefore achieve better results.


At Fairview, an education is more than achieving a set of exam results. It is about developing strength of character, a sense of responsibility and fostering innovation, collaboration and communication. We don’t teach our pupils to pass exams, we prepare them for future life.


Primary Years Programme

Our Primary Years Programme is designed to engage and challenge our pupils from their very first day they are welcomed into the Fairview family.


We believe in the individual, so our pupil’s progress through the programme at different rates, enabling each child to develop at their own pace, in their own way. Everyone is responsible for and are active participants in their own learning.


Subjects in the Primary Years Programme include languages, mathematics, science, the arts, social studies and personal, social and physical education. From PYP 1 to PYP 4, our children start using tablets in the classroom in order to develop their digital citizenship. By PYP 5 and 6, they develop their digital citizenship by being responsible for their own tablets, being used in class and homework, reflecting our belief that schools must prepare pupils for the future where technology shapes the landscape.


Middle Years Programme

Our Middle Years Programme which begins in MYP 1, is focused on the real life application of learning. This means the curriculum is relevant to real world issues that concern our pupils, from the personal to global.


As part of the programme, our pupils are encouraged to make practical connections between their studies and the real world. The curriculum is designed to develop active learners and internationally minded young people, as well as fostering their communication skills and the ability to process and critically evaluate information. Through this, our pupils are empowered to become experts in their own learning.


Subjects in the Middle Years Programme include language and literature, sciences, mathematics, the arts, physical education, design technology and individuals & societies.

At Fairview, we pride ourselves on our Digital Citizenship throughout our schooling years. From MYP 1, the use of a personal laptop is compulsory and one of our objectives is to ensure that these students understand not only what the elements of digital citizenship are, but also what they need to do in order to become good digital citizens. 


At Fairview we believe in helping our pupils become future ready, not just exam ready.


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