Our Commitment

Unlike other independent schools in Scotland, we do not concentrate solely on academic achievement. We are focused on our individual pupils and their personal development.

In sending your child to Fairview International School, we commit to …

Instil a Love of Learning
Fairview International is a place where everyone loves to learn. Through our holistic and transformative approach to education, we encourage every single child to take responsibility for their own learning, to try different approaches to acquiring knowledge and to take charge of their own educational progress.

Develop an Inquisitive Mind
Our children are encouraged to ask challenging questions, to think critically and to develop keen research skills; they are not taught just to pass exams. We focus on developing inquisitive and resilient young people that are challenged and fulfilled, every single day. 

Equip your Child to become Future Ready
Through the practical application of learning, our children learn in the context of real-life examples. This means they take learning beyond academic study to find purpose and context in what they learn. As a result, they are empowered and equipped with the skills required to succeed in life, not just in the classroom.

Provide a Truly International Education
As part of a network of 5 international schools, we offer our children the chance to study in one of our international schools for a term. Because all our schools offer the International Baccalaureate, our pupils across the globe are following the same curriculum.

Give your Child the Best Teacher
Fairview International acts as a hub for educators around the world, regularly engaging teachers in a wide range of development opportunities that promote ongoing professional growth. This means our teachers go through continuous training and development to ensure they are offering only the best standard of education to our students.

 To find out more about how it can benefit your child, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.